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I'm Yua, a 16 year old demigirl who's just floating around the World Wide Web.

My pronouns are she/they and I'm from a country called Wales, which is part of the United Kingdom. A lot of people think the UK is literally just England, which is why I'm saying it like if it's a new tiny place with 15 people and nothing in it (that is not the case).

I'm an internet hippy, in a way. Striving for old 00s and 90s web content, despite not even living through that era. Anemoia, if you ask me. I love old computers from the 70s, 80s, and 90s, I've always been into Operating Systems before I even knew they were a thing (beyond knowing diffferent versions of Windows when I was 3, that is). I used to be into EDM and Breakbeat, but I found myself falling in love with psychadelic rock, especially Pink Floyd, and Frank Zappa (different genre, but like, he's a whole genre in himself anyways).

I use Fedora KDE 39 and MacOS. Both are used equally as much. I'm a sound engineer for my part-time job, and I'm wokring on a new website called the Egg Hut! I daily drive a MacBook Air M1, and I'm looking into getting either a Steam Deck or a Thinkpad, but as of right now, I use an iMac 2009 24-inch for my Linux work! My dream computers are the Macbook Pro 16" with M2 Ultra, Framework Laptop 16, Steam Deck, NeXT Cube, IBM Personal Computer, Macintosh 20th Anniversary Edition, iMac G3, PowerMac G5, Amiga, and the DELL XPS m2010.

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I do not take sound engineering jobs.
I can provide Discord friend requests and/or my Matrix adresses if I deem appropriate or necessary. However, to minimize people reaching out to me for dumb reasons like spam, harassment, etc., I will not be dishing them out like candy. Applogies in advance.


Cracked egg with magical trans juice dripping from it

I'm working on a website called the "egg hut", a hub for trans youth for decent advice on a large array of things - if you'd like to commit, please, reach out!!!


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